Bouquets in breathtaking colors & stunning designs


Every bride is truly unique. Each and every Elizabeth Wray Design bouquet is designed with the bride in mind considering personality and taste. The flowers are carefully selected and arranged for her to have and hold during her most important walk of her life.


For our bride’s who dare to be different or who want to truly stand out with bright colors and edgy designs. Let us design you a bouquet that exudes as much vibrancy as your smile on your wedding day


Most of our bride’s dream of their wedding day their whole life, planning every detail straight down to the type of flowers in their bouquet. Inspired by picturesque royalty weddings and timeless style, classic bouquets are the epitome of bridal. Your classic bouquet will resemble the feminine, poised and stunning woman you envisioned at the altar as a little girl. Classic bouquets are works of art that are appreciated for years to come!

Fresh Garden

Get whisked away with one of our whimsical fresh garden bouquets, a variety of charming fresh flowers and wispy accents. Our fresh garden look is soft yet playful adding fun to your already enchanting evening. Brides with a fresh garden bouquet want to feel light, and bright as they glide down the aisle.


For our trendy and fashion forward brides who want to make a statement from head to toe to what she holds in her hands. You’ll feel stunning and chic holding your EWD bouquet with classic fresh flowers dressed up with unique detailing and exquisite color combinations.


Our glamorous bouquets are for our EWD brides who want sparkle on their wedding day. With accents of rhinestones, feathers or broaches, your bouquet will be as radiant as your smile when you see your groom for the first time. All glammed up you’ll be the star of the show!